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IT Recruitment In London

IT Recruitment In London

London the capital of the UK and the Hub of all things Technology and Business.

One of the world’s largest cities, with a population of around 8.9 million people in 2016, the changes that IT Recruitment in London brings with the arrival of IoT(internet of things) will be staggering.

London ranks amongst the world’s smartest cities in the world however it is anticipated that by 2050 London will be at the forefront of a digital revolution.

From a big business in London to tech startups in Shoreditch, England’s capital offers someone in the IT Industry almost every job opportunity imaginable.

IT Recruitment In London: What roles are you looking for?

In order to service the demand for IT Professionals – including Java, Oracle, and SAP users, many recruitment agencies exist with expertise in finding businesses the perfect candidate for their role.

This proves to be a challenge for the job seeker looking to find the right IT recruitment agency to work with in London.

Figures obtained by Clearly PR & Marketing Communications recently, under a Freedom of Information request from Companies House, show that 4,529 new recruitment businesses were registered between January and December 2016 – an increase of 13.7% (up from 3,984) over the same period in 2015(UK Wide) and this is continuing to grow.

Whether you represent an employer looking to hire staff into a permanent, temporary, or contract role – or a candidate seeking employment, your choice in finding a role that suits your experience in IT will be expansive and you will need to discover your own strengths and weaknesses to choose what type of It recruitment agency you wish to work with.

The size of the IT Industry in London

As London is the capital of the UK The estimated annual turnover of UK digital tech industries hit £161bn in 2014, with a north/south divide showing some relevance.This shows that cleary the rest of the UK has some catching up to do.

Average salaries in London for IT roles is around £60k, however, the specialisms showing are financial tech and social media.

Clearly, IT jobs are important across most industries, and given London’s bustling economy, it seems logical that businesses will be continuing to recruit heavily within the sector for the foreseeable future.

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