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How to scale up a start-up technology business

Scaling up your start-up technology business is challenging. One of the biggest challenges a business leader in a start-up technology business faces when trying to scale-up is finding and keeping enough of the right talent.

Your ability to Identify, Engage, Attract & Retain high performing team members will have a direct impact on your success or otherwise.

Some of the many factors to consider when you need to scale up your team are:

• Have your hiring plans been aligned to your growth plans in the short, medium and long term

• Have you objectively defined the skills and attributes required now and in the future?

• Funding– have you fully costed what it will cost? how will your growth be funded?

• Taking your current team with you – do you have the right people on current team who can grow with you?

• Time and resources required to hire the right people – have you considered fully the time, effort and resources required to scale up your team? It always takes longer than planned.

• What are the bottlenecks to you attracting the right talent?

These are just some of the questions you will need to be prepared for when you ask the question: How do I scale up my team for my technology business?

How to scale up a start up technology business: SmartSource

SmartSource – A project based approach that enables you to scale up your technology business and helps you  Identify, Engage, Attract and Retain “high performing” Talent.

When you are ready to scale up your technology business one of the most difficult pieces of the jigsaw will be your ability to Identify, Engage, Attract and Retain High Performing Talent.

Soloman Associates engages at all levels within your organisation and partners with your business leaders to define the define the strategy and objectives of the project, by partnering with Soloman Associates you will discover that SmartSource is a proven, controlled and manageable process that not only enables you to feel confident in your hiring decisions, but allows you to scale your business at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Why use Soloman Associates & SmartSource to scale up your technology business?

SmartSource is the ideal pathway to ensuring that you have the correct team on-board from day one and beyond.

Soloman Associates works as an extension of your team to provide the strategic focus, capability and expertise to align your hiring needs with your short, medium and long term business objectives.

Utilising our comprehensive candidate pipeline and just-in-time hiring expertise, you benefit from a highly efficient and scalable Talent Acquisition Solution which can be deployed in a relatively short timescale. Furthermore this approach enables you to maintain a high degree of flexibility and control over your hiring strategy and budget.

Are you looking to scale up your technology business?

As seasoned professionals in the IT and Technology Space Soloman Asssociates are well placed to offer you professional and tailored advice that can drive your business forward with the correct team on board.

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