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Board & Leadership Executive Search

Hiring C Level Executives in the technology space

Board and Leadership Executive Search, Securing Top Performers For Leadership Roles – it’s a relationship not a transaction.

Having the confidence to know those business critical, high impact people you recruit at board and leadership level, requires a degree of caution to ensure you have the correct ‘fit’ for your business.

Hiring C-Level Executives in the technology space – An objective process

The impact a business leader or C-Level Executive has on your organisation is immense, ranking as one of the most important decisions you will make. Hence the risk of a ‘bad hire’ on board can be very costly.

Soloman Associates is retained by our client partners to help them recruit Board, C-Level, VP and Director level positions across all major business functions and for operational or specialist roles recognised as having a strategic or high impact on their business.

Utilising our knowledge and expertise we help you to Identify, Engage, Attract and Retain High performing sales and leadership talent. Our collaborative approach guides you through a process that becomes less challenging and adopts a more consultative approach that minimizes risk.

TAP & AMT – Benchmarking C- Level Executives to avoid costly hiring mistakes

Our project based research led Talent Acquisition Process (TAP) coupled with our proprietary Aspirational Matching Technique (AMT) and experience in the technology space, helps you secure high performers for leadership roles.

Talent Acquisition Process (TAP)

Our Talent Acquisition Process (TAP) is your first step in working with Soloman Associates to help you to Identify, Engage Attract & Retain high performing leadership talent.

• Identify Your business needs through undertaking a detailed needs analysis, by asking the right questions and listening intently to gain a complete understanding of your business, define the ideal candidate profile and the reasons why they should join your business.

• Engage – Map the Talent Landscape, assess and profile suitable prospects against the requirement

• Attract – locate ‘high performers’, promote the opportunity to qualified prospects

• Retain – Utilise our Aspirational Matching Technique to help you pick the right candidate

By working with you we become your trusted advisor that comes with the technical skills and knowledge in securing top performers for leadership roles.

Aspirational Matching Technique (AMT)

To ensure that your next C-Level Executive hire is the correct hire our AMT considers the following:

• Culture Fit
• Career Growth & Personal Aspiration Fit
• Skills & Experience

Our proprietary Aspirational Matching Technique is a key part of our process as we proactively search for all of the relevant talent in the market and NOT just talent on the market.

Hiring C Level Executives in the technology space

Securing Top Performers for Leadership Roles – It’s A Relationship Not A transaction.”
Sol Jeewa – Director Soloman Associates.

Soloman Associates take this view very seriously, this has led to >93% of the people we have placed contributing to their employer’s success for 2 years or more since our inception in 1999.

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