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Executive Search Advisory Services & Consulting

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At Soloman Associates we are committed to helping B2b Technology Businesses Identify, Engage, Attract and Retain the optimal talent.

Executive Search Advisory Services & Consulting

Your hiring decisions are critical, they can either make your business thrive or throw you way off track. We understand that often times a hiring manager doesn’t require a recruitment solution but more of an advisory solution to provide objective view on potential candidates.

ASC – The Soloman Associates Approach

Our Executive Search Advisory Services & Consulting involve a number of communications with a set of objectives and outcomes to deliver the desired result, therefore our ASC approach helps Soloman Associates work closer with you:

A – Advisory – We undertake a detailed needs analysis to identify issues you may be having within your current recruitment approach

S – Stakeholder – by informing you of issues and defining the challenges you face, this enables you to make informed strategic decisions

C – Consulting – We work on the challenges identified and provide options for you to select a way forward that helps you drive your business upwards.

Executive Search Advisory Services & Consulting

Some of the services provided using our unique approach can include the following:

Market Mapping – Who’s who in your market place?
Reference Checking – Are you really hiring the person you think you are?
Management Audit – What are the gaps in your current management team?
Succession Planning – What happens if your key performers leave?
Interview Support – You have a list of candidates identified, how do you qualify them objectively?
Outplacement Support – Support to help your team members secure their future.

Using our Executive Search Advisory Services & Consulting you can be assured that your hiring process is managed and your objectives are inline with your business goals.

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Executive Search Advisory Services & Consulting

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